Retirement Residence & Assisted Living

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​


Dedicated with passion to being the preferred senior assisted living provider in southwestern Ontario, Sarnia, Lambton Shores, London area – we create warm, inviting living spaces in a desirable setting.

We offer a variety of services and programs to enrich the lives of our residents and their families. And, by getting to know our residents, their personal preferences and their individual needs, we can better contribute to their well-being and provide care that’s right for them.

We are committed to enhancing independence and quality of life, serving others the way they prefer to be treated and providing care that is delivered with integrity, dignity and compassion.

Caring Builds Trust

Our Community

You feel a friendly, home-like environment as soon as you enter our front door. Cheerful smiles from our caring, professional staff greet you everyday, and a peaceful setting creates a wonderful living environment for residents. With many planned activities and dining services, there are numerous opportunities to make new friends, right here in your home.

Nestled in the beautiful countryside near the shore of Lake Huron, our community offers a little bit of everything. Spacious, well-appointed private residences are available in a variety of styles with views of the countryside, wildlife and breathtaking sunsets.

Our Mission

Committed to being the best we can be in providing high-quality personal services for our residents while honoring the experience of aging and respecting each resident as individual. 

Offering the Highest Quality in Staff

Our professional staff defines the standard of excellence that Country Manor has achieved. They are at the core of the Country Manor experience. Their attentiveness and availability is evidenced by the interaction with our residents – the same residents with whom they know by first name, talk politics, laugh and share coffee. They understand that above all of the services they provide, when they are at work, they are in somebody’s home; and, home is where family and friends belong. To be included in this group is considered to be the greatest accomplishment a Country Manor staff member can achieve.

You will have access to our fabulous staff members at any time of the day or night. We are pleased to offer assistance with almost any level of care, included in our regular monthly rent at no extra cost!

Every Country Manor employee is thoroughly screened and background checked to ensure our residents’ peace of mine with the professionals that provide their care.

Country Manor's Top 10 Principles:

Country Manor retirement home believes that offering a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of seniors, including independent living, assisted living, some memory care support, and respite care, ensures that residents receive the support they need at every stage of life. 

Furthermore, creating a welcoming and inclusive community atmosphere with engaging social activities, stimulating recreational programs, and opportunities for meaningful connections among residents fosters a sense of belonging and enhances overall quality of life. 

Beyond that, maintaining high standards of cleanliness, safety, and comfort in facilities and amenities, along with transparent communication, respect for residents’ autonomy, and responsiveness to feedback, are essential for earning trust and confidence from residents and their families. 

Ultimately, being the best-in-class Ontario retirement home requires a relentless dedication to providing exceptional care, fostering a supportive community, and prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of residents above all else. 

We are committed to enhancing independence and quality of life, serving others the way they prefer to be treated and providing care that is delivered with integrity, dignity and compassion.

We hope you will join us here at Country Manor for a relaxing, pleasant but engaging new place to call home. We are the best value in the entire region!

Home to the best Retirement Homes in Ontario

Nestled near London, Ontario, Country Manor Retirement Home benefits from its proximity to a renowned hub for retirement living. The region boasts exceptional retirement apartments, residences, assisted living facilities, seniors homes, and retirement homes, making it a sought-after destination for retirees. With its scenic surroundings, lively community, and top-notch amenities, the London, Ontario area provides seniors with an ideal setting to embrace a fulfilling and enriching retirement lifestyle. Country Manor is proud to be considered a part of this renowned seniors retirement area. 

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