Retirement Residence & Assisted Living

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​


It was only three years ago when we began to notice that Grandma and Grandpa we ‘rent their usual selves anymore. They need some help and couldn’t live on their own. And so began their new journey. We looked for a new place to call their home. My family and I discovered the coolest place ever – Country Manor Estates – a seniors’ retirement residence that turned out to be like a magical wonderland for Grandma Corrine and Grandpa!


When we first visited, the building looked like a friendly castle, and the people inside were the happiest knights and queens you could ever imagine. The staff greeted us with smiles that could light up a room, making us feel like we just stepped into Grandma and Grandpa’s new home.


Grandma, who always loved telling stories, found a whole group of friends who were just as excited about sharing their tales. Every day, they gathered in a special room filled with comfy chairs and laughter, creating a story club where they could talk about adventures, both real and imaginary.


Meanwhile, Grandpa, who had a green thumb that could make flowers dance, discovered a magical garden outside. The retirement residence had the most amazing garden, where he and his new friends planted flowers and shared gardening secrets. It was like a secret club of garden wizards!


The best part was all the fun activities and events. There were art classes where Grandma painted beautiful pictures, and Grandpa played music with friends who had a band of their own. The residence even organized special nights where families like ours could join in the fun. We played games, shared snacks, and created memories that sparkled like glitter.


The people who took care of Grandma and Grandpa were like superheroes. They cooked delicious meals that smelled like magic potions and made sure everyone was healthy and happy. There was a nurse named Nurse Joy who had a smile that could heal anything!


As the seasons changed, so did the adventures at the retirement residence. In winter, they had cozy movie nights with hot cocoa, and in the summer, they organized picnics in the garden. Grandma and Grandpa were always at the center of the excitement, enjoying every moment like they were kids again.


Our family was so grateful for this special place that felt like a big, loving family. It was more than just a home; it was a place where Grandma and Grandpa’s hearts glowed with joy. They made friends, explored new hobbies, and laughed until their faces turned as rosy as apples.


And so, Grandma and Grandpa’s retirement adventure continued, filled with the love and warmth of their new magical kingdom. The retirement residence in Ontario became a place where dreams came true, and the sparkle of joy lit up the lives of everyone who lived there.


Grandma and Grandpa stayed at Country Manor retirement home until they passed away. We became so grateful for all they did especially in the final weeks. We knew we came across something special – a special place – because so many of the staff were so sad to see their passing. And because so many actually came to Grandma’s funeral – we all teared up even more. They were like an extended family we never had. Who knew this would be the final experiences Grandma would have in her life. I am so sad still that she is gone, but so, so happy that Country Manor was there for her 24 hours a day, especially because we couldn’t be. Mom and dad say they are so happy that I was the one to find Country Manor when all of this journey began, it was a simple Google search.


Grandma, and our entire family, were blessed to have Country Manor as Grandma’s last stop in this world. I wish others could experience the same as she – and we – did.


Love Janie.