Retirement Residence & Assisted Living

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​

Retirement Home Wide Range of Amenities

Your decision to move into a Retirement Residence in Ontario should take serious consideration to the quality and quantity of amenities it offers.

Many retirement homes provide on-site amenities such as dining facilities offering nutritious meals tailored to specific dietary needs, common areas for socializing or relaxation like libraries or lounges, landscaped gardens or outdoor spaces for leisurely strolls or gardening enthusiasts.

A great retirement home should provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for seniors to live in. The choice of on-site amenities can greatly enhance the quality of life for retirees. Here are some types of on-site amenities that are often considered important for a great retirement home:

Resident Committees such as a Resident Council to involve residents in decision-making and community governance. In Ontario, retirement homes are governed by the Retirement Homes Act, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of residents, operators, and others involved in the operation of retirement homes.

A Resident Council is a key component of this regulatory framework. A Resident Council in an Ontario retirement home is an organized group of residents who live in the retirement home.

The primary purpose of a Resident Council is to represent the interests and concerns of the residents to the home’s management and staff. The specific functions and responsibilities of a Resident Council typically include

Advocacy: Resident Councils advocate for the rights and well-being of residents. They may raise concerns about issues such as resident safety, quality of care, or the overall living conditions within the retirement home.

Communication: Resident Councils serve as a communication channel between the residents and the home’s management. They may convey residents’ requests, complaints, or suggestions to the operators.

Information: Resident Councils may provide information and support to residents regarding their rights and responsibilities, as outlined in the Retirement Homes Act. They can help residents understand their rights and how to exercise them.

The specific amenities that make a retirement home great will vary depending on the individual preferences and needs of the residents. It’s essential to consider what is most important to you or your loved one when choosing a retirement community, as different communities may offer a different mix of amenities. Country Manor offers many of the aforementioned amenities, one must come for a tour to see the extent of our offer!

In summary, when considering a retirement home in Ontario with independent or assisted living services for yourself or your loved ones it is essential to look for features such as personalized care services provided by trained staff members round-the-clock; safety measures like controlled access entry systems; recreational activities promoting an active lifestyle; on-site amenities including dining facilities; common areas for socializing; landscaped gardens or outdoor spaces for relaxation.

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