Retirement Residence & Assisted Living

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​

Mom has changed. She needs more of our time and help than ever before. We help her as much as we can, but it’s a lot to do and worry about, and it’s tiring. We are considering getting home care for a few hours a day, but that seems costly and in the end is it the best solution for mom? What about a Retirement Home as an alternative?

Many people wait for a crisis to occur before considering such a move and mom or dad ends up in the hospital for one reason or another; while others plan and move before something happens.

We often meet seniors who decide to “stick it out” in their own homes. This then creates a tremendous burden on their family and friends.  There is a great deal of loneliness and isolation that occurs and a level of vulnerability of abuse from outsiders. Access to services is limited, plus simple chores like driving to the grocery store or picking up one’s prescription medication becomes a major challenge. Forgetting to take the medications or leaving a burner on the stove start to happen. Not being able to prepare and eat nutritious food or forgetting to eat meals, having falls and other accidents at home, having difficulty using a telephone, the caregiver being concerned about leaving mom or dad alone or complaining of loneliness and becoming more isolated, just to name a few examples. We all know of someone who has gone through this difficult process.

Some of us will provide care to our parents or senior loved ones in our own home for a period, but this is not always possible for all families, or always desired by the children or parents themselves.

At Country Manor Estates, we are a retirement home with assisted living. We are proud to offer seniors a place where this growing anxiety is greatly reduced or completely eliminated. This is our purpose for each of our residents. Life in a retirement home will depend on your preferences, budget and care needs.

A move to a retirement home such as Country Manor may be one of the best decisions a family can make for a parent or senior loved one’s happiness, health and safety, particularly when they need more care or they’re suffering from social isolation.

This is not a nursing home and by moving into a retirement home, you will not lose your independence.  We offer a wide spectrum of services and amenities, including dining, social activities, fitness and wellness programs so residents can keep active and healthy longer. At the heart of it is a plan of care, tailored for each resident.

We place great emphasis on safety and security, but also independence and privacy, enabling each of our residents to have the care they need without compromising individual dignity.

We have a reputation for our beautiful grounds, amazing care and nursing, delicious meals and for our friendly, caring staff. If you want to live in a comfortable, secure place with friendly residents and staff that you can call home, then Country Manor Estates is the place for you.

Whenever mom or dad get to a stage of life requiring some greater support, no matter the decision, communication and action are important. Consider a move to a retirement home like Country Manor.