Retirement Residence & Assisted Living

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​

Exceptional Service and Care in Beautiful Surroundings​


A Chapter of Love: Mom and Dad’s Journey in Ontario’s Retirement Cozy Paradise


In the heart of Lambton Sarnia, Ontario, my parents, Mom and Dad, embarked on a heartwarming journey into the golden years of their lives, discovering a retirement residence that would redefine the meaning of home and family.


At first we were a little hesitant because our entire family lived about an hour drive, closer to London, Ontario and the retirement home – Country Manor – was located just off lake Huron.


However, upon entering the residence, I was immediately struck by the warm embrace of the staff, whose smiles radiated genuine care. It was not just a place; it felt like a haven where Mom and Dad would be cherished and embraced by a community that understood the true essence of family.


As we settled Mom and Dad into their new abode – a decent size one bedroom apartment with a patio and a lovely fireplace – I watched as the walls of their apartment transformed into a canvas painted with memories. They let us set up the apartment with all the little knick knacks that mom and dad so loved – all those little things and trinkets! The staff, with their compassionate hearts, made every effort to ensure that the transition was seamless. Mom, a connoisseur of comfort, found solace in the tastefully decorated living spaces, well, to HER liking! and Dad, who had always been a social butterfly, discovered kindred spirits among the residents.


One of the most beautiful aspects of their new home was the communal spaces that echoed with laughter and shared stories. Mom, an avid reader, found a cozy corner in the library where she bonded with fellow book lovers. Dad, with his love for music, joined a singing group that harmonized the community with joyous tunes.


The residence not only provided a nurturing environment but also a vibrant calendar of activities that catered to diverse interests. From art classes that reignited Mom’s creative spark to gardening sessions that allowed Dad to cultivate a small piece of paradise, they were constantly engaged in pursuits that brought fulfillment and joy.


The staff’s dedication to the well-being of the residents was evident in every gesture. The chef-curated meals were not just delicious; they were a culinary journey that celebrated Mom and Dad’s preferences and dietary needs. The healthcare support was personalized and attentive, fostering a sense of security that eased our concerns.


Family nights at the residence became cherished moments, where my visits turned into shared experiences filled with laughter and reminiscing. The open communication channels with the administration created a partnership of trust, making it feel like we were all part of an extended family.


As the seasons changed, so did the life within the retirement residence. Mom and Dad’s love story continued to blossom in this new chapter, surrounded by friends who became confidants and staff who became honorary family members. Their twilight years became a celebration of life, love, and the beauty of growing old together.


Our family will forever be grateful for the heartwarming haven that became Mom and Dad’s home in Ontario. It was more than just a retirement residence; it was a sanctuary of love, laughter, and shared experiences. The warmth of the community, the kindness of the staff, and the love that enveloped Mom and Dad turned this chapter of their lives into a beautiful tale of family, friendship, and everlasting joy.


Thank you Country Manor for the wonderful experiences you gave Mom and Dad, and to all of us, their family!